Doctor Program

The department offers a degree of Doctor of Science in Applied Mathematics. When accepted into the doctoral program, the student embarks on a program of courses, seminars, and individual study courses to prepare for the oral examination, and dissertation. The student will choose one of four areas of specialization in the department, namely, algebra, applied analysis, geometry, and information theory of specialization in the department. The candidate must demonstrate independent, creative research in Mathematics by writing and defending a dissertation that makes a new and valuable contribution to mathematics. The expected time for completion of the program is three years.

Faculty members


Name Title Research Interests
Yoshinori Hamahata Professor Number theory related to modular forms and arithmetic varieties
Takeshi Ikeda Professor Representation theory, Schubert calculus, and integrable systems
Kimiko Yamada Associate Professor Algebraic geometry and moduli spaces


Name Title Research Interests
Masayuki Yamasaki Professor Geometric topology of manifolds
Shintaro Kuroki Associate Professor Topology, Transformation group theory, Toric Topology
Kiyokazu Suto Associate Professor Structure and representation of infinite dimensional Lie algebras and groups

Applied Analysis

Name Title Research Interests
Yutaka Nagabuchi Professor Dynamics of functional differential equations
Takashi Ohe Professor Numerical analysis of inverse problems for partial differential equations
Satoshi Tanaka Professor Exact multiplicity of solutions of boundary value problems
Masakazu Onitsuka Associate Professor On the stability of ordinary differential systems
Masahiko Shimojo Associate Professor Interface motion and singularity of reaction diffusion equations

Applied Probability and Informatics

Name Title Research Interests
Ryuichi Sawae Professor Computational number theory and quantum computation theory
Keizo Takashima Professor Probability Theory and Stochastic Numerical Analysis
Yoshiyuki Mori Associate Professor Graph theory and representation theory of finite groups