Master program

Our department offers Masters of Science degree in both pure and applied mathematics, which are designed to give students a broad mathematical foundation to help them to pursue a successful academic or non-academic career. In this graduate program, students work with the faculty members whose research interests lie in various fields of pure and applied mathematics, such as algebra, geometry, analysis, statistics, probability theory, and information science. The department has its own research library and computer facilities to enhance its education/research environment for the faculty members and students and is considered as one of the leading academic institutions in the Chugoku-Shikoku region.

Faculty members

Representation theory, Schubert calculus, and integrable systems

Takeshi IKEDA

One of my research topics is the modern enumerative geometry with focus on combinatorial and algebraic studies of homogeneous spaces. The area is also related to representation theory and integrable systems.

Numerical analysis of inverse problems for partial differential equations

Takashi OHE

・Laboratory of Applied Analysis.
・Numerical analysis for inverse problems of partial differential equations.
・My research area is numerical study for inverse problems of partial differential equations.
Especially, I am interested in the uniqueness and stability analysis for the solution, and explicit reconstruction formula for the solution of inverse problems and its implementation.

Computational number theory and quantum computation theory

Ryuichi SAWAE


Probability Theory and Stochastic Numerical Analysis



Exact multiplicity of solutions of boundary value problems

Satoshi TANAKA

Structure of solutions for boundary value problems
Structure of solutions, for example, exact multiplicities of solutions and bifurcation phenomena, to boundary value problems is studied.

Number theory related to modular forms and arithmetic varieties

Yoshinori HAMAHATA

My field of work is number theory in function fields. In particular, a significant part of my research is concerned with modular forms and arithmetic varieties. I use Drinfeld modules to work on function fields.

Topology, Transformation group theory, Toric Topology

Shintaro KUROKI

My research interests mainly lie in topology and geometry.In particular, I am interested in the symmetry of spaces, called group actions on spaces. Recently I work on torus actions on spaces.

Structure and representations of infinite dimensional Lie algebras and groups

Kiyokazu SUTO

My main concerns are to realize and to investigate representations of certain graded Lie algebras and related groups, especially generalized Kac-Moody algebras and groups, which are infinite-dimensional in general.

Graph Theory, Representation Theory of Finite Groups

Yoshiyuki MORI

In graph theory, an isomorphism problem is the computational problem of determining whether two finite graphs are isomorphic.I am interested in the algorithm to solve the graph isomorphism problem.

Algebraic geometry and moduli spaces


My research interest is:
* algebraic geometry (geometry for zero sets of polynomials),
* moduli theory (parameterizing space of geometric objects)
* singularities (points at which space is not "smooth").

Topology and homotopy theory

Masateru INOUE


On the stability of ordinary differential systems


Many of my research interests lie in the field of qualitative theory of functional equations (e.g. ordinary differential equations; difference equations). In particular, I have dealt with Lyapunov stability,oscillatory, Hyers-Ulam stability, rectifiability problems.

Interface motion and singularity of reaction diffusion equations

Masahiko SHIMOJO

My research interest is:
●Reaction diffusion equation(traveling wave, dynamical system)
●Geometric partial differential equation(Ricci flow, curvature flow,Yamabe flow e.t.c.)
●Structure of singularities (blow-up, quenching, extinction phenomena of nonlinear parabolic PDE)

algebraic topology, algebraic combinatorics, Schurbert calculus


I am interested in algebraic and combinatorial structures related to the symmetry of geometric spaces. In particular, I work on Schubert calculus and toric topology.